A message from our publisher, Roger Van Zwanenberg, the managing director of Pluto Journals.

I am pleased to announce that Prometheus has moved publishers to Pluto Journals, and is relaunching on JSTOR in January 2020. You will be able to access the most recent issues of Prometheus on JSTOR via the Journal Hosting Program. As a Pluto Journals publication with JSTOR,  Prometheus is also available as part of the discounted Pluto Journals package.

Since its launch in 1983, Prometheus has pushed against the boundaries surrounding the understanding of innovation, in its broadest sense. The journal publishes critical papers, those that express – and justify – opinions on innovation issues. Prometheus is particularly attracted to papers that challenge prevailing views, and it encourages debate.

I encourage our friends and followers to approach their libraries and ask them to subscribe. Most of our subscriptions were cancelled by our old publisher, Taylor & Francis, so it is important that we re-establish ourselves with your support. If your library would like a free three-month subscription, we can set this up for you. This will give your library or society and members time to assess Prometheus and its relevance to your work.