Early View

The following papers will be available in the next issues.

Prometheus volume 36, issue 1, March 2020

How possible was Prometheus’ punishment?
Ryan Robinson and Sarah Gent

The impact of increasing returns on knowledge and big data. From Adam Smith and Allyn Young to the age of digital platforms and machine learning
Y Hu

The impact of the European patent system and the unitary patent on SMEs and national states
Dimitris Xenos

Knowledge dialogues for better health: complementarities between health innovation studies and health disciplines
José Miguel Natera, Soledad Rojas, Gabriela Dutrénit and Alexandre O Vera-Cruz

Analysing frugal innovation incubation programmes: a case study from the water sector
Silas Mvulirwenande, and Uta When                       

Book Reviews

Prometheus volume 36, issue 2, June 2020

Theme-selecting capability’ for drug discovery – The concept and origin of a new critical capability for innovative new drug discovery
Ryo Okuyama and Masahara Tsujimoto

Does the type of funding influence research results – and do researchers influence funders?
Kjetil Hatlebakk Hove

Data sharing policies in scholarly publications: interdisciplinary comparisons
Adrian Ziderman and Michal Tal-Socher               

Toward a relational view of Innovation: learning from previous and subsequent stages of innovation in large biopharmaceutical firms, 1990-2006
Eric Dahlin

Book Reviews