Max Liljefors, Gregor Noll and Daniel Stor (eds) War and Algorithm

By Antoine Bousquet

War and Algorithm edited by Max Liljefors, Gregor Noll and Daniel Stor (2019) 232pp., £28 (paperback) Rowman & Littlefield, London, ISBN 978-1-78661-364-6

War and Algorithm offers a concise but thought-provoking ensemble of texts reflecting on the emerging world of war in the age of high-speed computation and artificial intelligence. The book brings together three scholars from the disciplines of philosophy, law and art history and (as the introduction makes clear) is the result of an extended period of spirited exchange and collective exploration that is manifest in its thematic coherence. The text is organized along a tripartite structure of understanding, law and vision, distributed among the editors in accordance with their respective specialisms. Yet the three core chapters resonate richly with each other in their engagement with some profound questions raised by the present transformation of war. The individual responses to each chapter, solicited from three further contributors, are less well integrated but remain nevertheless stimulating in their own right.

page: 173 – 179
Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation Volume 37, Issue 2
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