Jeffrey A. Hall, Relating through Technology: Advances in Personal Relationships


By Sonja Utz

Relating through Technology: Advances in Personal Relationships by Jeffrey A. Hall (2020) Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 239pp., £85 (hardback) ISBN 978-1-10848330-8

Jeffrey Hall’s Relating through Technology. Advances in Personal Relationships is part of the series on advancing personal relationships edited by Christopher Agnew, John Caughlin, Raymond Knee and Terri Orbuch. A glance at prior volumes in the series reveals a focus on different types of relationships (e.g., close relationships, intimate relationships, marriages) or, more often, on specific psychological processes in relationships, such as power, intimacy, social influence or attribution processes. None of the books focuses on technology in general or on a specific technology. This is surprising considering that much of our daily communication these days occurs via technology – WhatsApp messages, voice calls, video chats, posts on social media platforms. A book on the role of technology in relationship maintenance is desperately needed.

page: 97 – 102
Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation Volume 37, Issue 1
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