Early View

The following papers will be available in the next issues.

These are the versions of papers sent to the copyeditor and are not meant to be the final version. Download them all here.

Stuart Macdonald

Research papers
Restricting environmental damage resulting from economic
activities: a Polanyian analysis
Peter Senker

The impact of persistent innovation on Australian firm growth
Luke Hendrickson, David Taylor, Lyndon Ang, Kay Cao,
Thai Nguyen and Franklin Soriano

Frugal innovation capabilities: conceptualization and measurement
Avinash Shivdas, Saswata Barpanda, Soumya Sivakumar and Ram Bishu

Book reviews
M. Todd Henderson and Salen Churi, The Trust Revolution,
reviewed by Filippo Barbera

George Zarkadakis, Cyber Republic, reviewed by Fabio Tollon

Faridun Sattarov, Power and Technology: A Philosophical
and Ethical Analysis, reviewed by Henrik Skaug Sætra

Rosario Girasa, Artificial Intelligence as a Disruptive Technology:
Economic Transformation and Government Regulation,
reviewed by Emilio Collar Jr

Mark Dennis Robinson, The Market in Mind: How Financialization
Is Shaping Neuroscience, Translational Medicine and Innovation
in Biotechnology, reviewed by Richard Joseph

Paul Erdkamp, Koenraad Verboven and Arjan Zuiderhoek (eds)
Capital, Investment and Innovation in the Roman World,
reviewed by Luigi Oddo

Rafael Ziegler, Innovation, Ethics and Our Common Futures:
A Collaborative Philosophy, reviewed by Michel Bourban