Prometheus, Volume 38 Issue 4, December 2023

Making the most of retraction
by Stuart Macdonald

Research papers
Entrepreneurship, mental disorders and the saga of the adventure gene: debunking the fad of hardwired entrepreneurship
by Alejandro Agafonow
Seeing knowledge hiding through a multi-level lens
by Talshyn Tokyzhanova and Susanne Durst

Book reviews
Mark Coeckelbergh, Green Leviathan or the Poetics of Political Liberty
reviewed by Fabio Tollon
Mauro Carbone and Graziano Lingua, Toward an Anthropology of Screens: Showing and Hiding, Exposing and Protecting
reviewed by Steven Umbrello
And also reviewed by Francesco Melchiorri
Steven Umbrello, Technology Ethics: Responsible Innovation and Design Strategies
reviewed by Fabio Tollo

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