Ali E. Abbas (ed.) Next-Generation Ethics: Engineering a Better Society


By Mandi Astola

Next Generation Ethics: Engineering a Better Society is an anthology featuring short chapters on the ethics of engineering, business and technology, intended for a broad audience. The 35 men and eight women who contribute to the volume are mostly ethicists, engineers, lawyers or policy specialists based at universities or technology companies. In terms of topics, the book is heavy on artificial intelligence (AI), data and digital technology, but such topics as management fads, the construction industry and the oil and gas industry are featured too. This is by no means just a review of the ethics of engineering, but also an overview of ethical concerns in engineering practice. It is a broad and comprehensive learning and teaching book to use and discuss rather than a research book to cite.

page: 382-384
Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation
Volume 37, Issue 4
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